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Parrot Quarantine - Quarantining Pet Birds

Published on July 23, 2020

What is parrot quarantine and when should you be quarantining a parrot? Most typically, quarantine is used whenever you are adding a new bird to your existing flock. If you do not have any parrots, then there is no quarantine required to keep the bird separate. Still, monitor the new bird's health as mentioned in the video.

On the other hand, if you already have other parrots, it is important to quarantine the new parrot. This will give the new bird time to acclimatize to your home and prevent the possibility of your existing parrots catching a bird disease from the new bird.

You should take the new bird to the vet for a check up and disease testing. Particularly diseases like Beak and Feather, Polyoma, Psittacosis, and Pachecos. However, even if the results come back early, it is still best to continue the quarantine for at least 30 days from bringing the new bird home. This is regardless if whether the new bird comes from a store, breeder, rescue, or another owner. Quarantine should be done regardless if the bird has prior testing or is given a clean bill of health. Not ever disease can be tested for and even "new" birds can have illnesses caught from their parents or in transit. The stress induced by moving to a new home creates the highest likelihood of bringing any hidden diseases to light. It is best to rule them out than to get your other existing birds sick too. It is much more costly to get medical treatment for all your birds than just the new one.

During quarantine, monitor the new bird's weight, droppings, eating habits, activity level, and appearance for signs of illness. Seek help from an avian veterinarian if the weight continues to drop or there are any concerns. You can purchase a NU Perch Scale to track your parrot's weight:

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