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Stop Normalizing Parrot Biting!

Published on February 18, 2021

Stop normalizing parrot biting. I often hear people saying that parrots biting is part and parcel of parrot ownership and that if you want to own a parrot, you have to take bites. This is a bunch of baloney. I have had parrots over 12 years and I almost never get bitten.

Getting bitten by a parrot regularly is like slamming your hand in the door every time you get in a car. Learn to close the door properly so that you would not get hurt. Likewise, learn to understand and be understood by a parrot so that you are not frustrating the parrot and getting yourself hurt.

Although parrots biting people is a pretty usual occurrence, it definitely isn't something that should be considered normal. Parrot naturally are not mean or aggressive animals. Parrots are not carnivores out for flesh. However, they are wild animals and do have strong personalities so when left unchecked, they can easily revert to biting.

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