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Are These Pin Feathers Ready? Macaw Molting #parrot #bird

Published on March 19, 2024

How can you tell when a pin feather is ready to be opened? When parrots molt, they grow new feathers to replace the old ones. Initially they are protected in the shape of a pin. Only when the feather is fully grown is it safe to break open the pin to expose the new feather.

Birds will open the pin feathers on their body by themselves using their beak. However, a parrot cannot reach the pin feathers on its head and needs the help of another parrot or a human companion.

Do not open pin feathers that are not fully matured. This may hurt the bird, damage the feather, or cause the parrot to bite you.

Wait until the pin feather is long, even sticking out past the regular feathers. You may notice some of the feather already exposed from the pin. The pin will be soft and flaky. Now the pin feather is ready to be opened. You can rub it between your fingers or fingernails to gently break it open and allow the feather to come out.

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