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Kili Senegal Parrot Chilling with Seaside Parrot Toys

Published on March 12, 2020
Kili thinks she's relaxing at the beach with her new set of Seaside Parrot Toys to play with. Bring the tropical paradise from seashore to cage. Watch as Kili samples the 5 toys: Seaside Pelican Treasure, Seaside Dune, Tiki Hut, Seaside Luau, Seaside Lagoon.

The Seaside series of toys for small parrots and parakeets brings natural, safe, exciting, sustainable materials from seaside shores to your bird's cage. Featuring exciting natural coastal materials such as coconut, banana leaf, seagrass, and more to help your parrot feel like it is living in a tropical paradise.

These toys are great for small parrots and parakeets such as budgie, lovebird, parrotlet, quaker, conure, caique, ringneck, senegal parrot, and hahn's macaw. They are also suitable for less playful medium parrots such as African Grey, Amazon, and small Cockatoos.

Check out the full line of Seaside Toys from Parrot Wizard and save big on the 5 toy Seaside Sampler bundle:

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