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Bear Mountain Appalachian Trail Parrot Outing

Published on August 12, 2021
Kili and Rachel enjoy a harness outing to Bear Mountain State Park in New York State. They got to experience nature as well as a crowd of people for the ultimate parrot socialization experience.

We took a walk around Hessian Lake and on the Appalachian Trail up Bear Mountain. Kili and Rachel took turns riding the hand or shoulder and Rachel enjoyed flapping her wings most of the way back down. Kili gave kisses and made wolf whistles to Marianna (behind the camera). It's pretty rare that Kili does these and this might even be the first time it was captured on camera.

Taking your parrot outside is a great way to get the bird fresh air, sunshine, and a chance to experience the world. As the parrot becomes more accustomed to all kinds of people and surroundings, it will also behavior better at home and share a stronger bond with you.  

Kili the Senegal Parrot wore a XS Green Aviator Harness and Rachel rocked out in a Large Red Aviator Harness. You can pick up the complete harness set and get outdoors with your parrot from:

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