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Parrot Harness Training Principles - Taking Bird Outside Safely

Published on April 13, 2024

Learn how to use a harness to take your parrot outside safely. In this video, Rachel my Blue and Gold Macaw demonstrates how she puts on a leash voluntarily to go outside. Use positive reinforcement training to teach your bird to willingly put the harness on.

Harness training is one of the more advanced parrot training concepts and ways of taking a parrot outside. Keep in mind, that you can help your parrot immediately receive the benefits of natural sunlight by taking your bird outside in a carrier, travel cage, or aviary.

A harness is the most exciting way to take your parrot outdoors because it provides mobility and the chance to fly and socialize. Yet, a harness also prevents the bird from getting spooked and unexpectedly flying away. Even a parrot with clipped wings can fly off outside and go just far enough to get hurt or have a problem. Always use a harness or cage when taking a pet parrot outdoors.

Get a harness:

Learn my full method for the harness training method:

Use a Training Perch to assist in training:

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