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Parrots Meet My Baby for the First Time

Published on January 14, 2021

My baby and parrots meet in this video for the very first time! See my baby boy's genuine reaction to seeing a live bird up close and how my parrots react to my son!

Steven is now two and a half months old. He just started showing interest in toys and has become able to fix a gaze on moving objects. So, we decided that this will be a great time to introduce him to our parrots. Up until now, we kept the baby and birds entirely apart. We would only take one or the other to the living room at a time. But, after they are introduced, we will be able to start having them out together in a more routine way.

Watch how I use positive reinforcement training and socialization methods to ensure that all of my parrots have a good first impression of the baby. Likewise, we use similar methodology on the baby so that he can get used to seeing birds as well.

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